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ScienceInvest in LMNT (Ends August 2022)
8583% of minimum goal raised

2,543 Investors

Successfully funded and closed on August 16, 2022.


  • One of the fastest growing beverage brands in the market (4.5x YoY)
  • On a $50MM revenue run-rate as of Q1 2022 and profitable since year 1
  • Meeting a true health need with real innovation in the electrolyte category
  • Led by an experienced team with exits in the natural product space
  • Backed by dozens of professional athletes, teams, and health influencers

Deal Terms

Valuation cap:


The maximum valuation at which your investment converts into equity shares or cash.

Minimum Investment:


The smallest investment amount that Drink LMNT is accepting.

Maximum Investment:


The largest investment amount that Drink LMNT is accepting.

Funding goal:

$25K – $4M

Drink LMNT needs to raise $25K before the deadline. The maximum amount Drink LMNT is willing to raise is $25K – $4M.


August 16th, 2022

Drink LMNT needs to reach their minimum funding goal before the deadline (August 16, 2022 at 1:59 AM CDT). If they don’t, all investments will be refunded.

Type of security:

Crowd SAFE

A SAFE allows an investor to make a cash investment in a company, with rights to receive certain company stock at a later date, in connection with a specific event.

Nominee Lead:

James Murphy, CEO

Will direct the Nominee on certain matters like voting, amendments and conversions affecting the security.


The ‘hydration’ market is giant and still full of garbage

Many drinks in the hydration category are loaded with sugar and desperately low in a key functional ingredient: SALT.

High sugar intake and misinformation around sodium has contributed to some of our most challenging health issues.


The body needs adequate electrolytes to refuel and be properly energized—not more sugar.

  • Whole food diets are lacking in sufficient mineral electrolytes.
  • Leading an active lifestyle (read: sweating) requires electrolytes for energy production.
  • Numerous diseases and stressors demand specific electrolyte attention.

The science is clear, you need more salt. Period.

Public perception is catching up,

and new knowledge around functional ingredients creates new winners:



We’re owning SALT as a revolution in hydration and functional beverages.

We know our salt

Our products are science-backed; and we publish in-depth content on electrolytes informed by the latest scientific literature. LMNT also consults with professional sports teams, elite military units, and numerous healthcare practitioners in support of nutritional interventions for optimal health. 


A tasty electrolyte drink mix

With everything you need and nothing you don’t… yes, that means lots of salt and zero sugar.

LMNT delivers a truly meaningful dose of electrolytes without the sugar or other dodgy ingredients. It’s formulated to help anyone with their electrolyte needs and is perfectly suited to folks following low-carb, active, or fasting lifestyles.

One core formulation, across multiple flavor occasions


Surpassing a $50M run-rate, growing 4.5x YoY

In three years LMNT has become one of the fastest-growing beverage brands.

  • Loved by avid tribes of health seekers.
  • Put to the test by dozens of professional athletes and sports teams.
  • Recommended by leading health influencers

We’re honored to collaborate with some of the very best in their respective fields. 

saltpour (1)

And we’re just getting started…


Over 25K+ reviews and a 4.5+ rating

LMNT has generated over 25K+ reviews with key customer metrics showing avid loyalty. Now with over 250k customers, we impact a vast spectrum of demographics and health circumstances.

Our launch focused on low-carb tribes because diabetes and obesity are two of our most significant health challenges.

Managing electrolytes is an absolutely critical part of successful dietary interventions.

Though it’s becoming much bigger than that—and our customers have become our most powerful salesforce.

Business model

Direct-to-consumer focus, with plenty of runway left

Our core (and only) product is our drink mix stick packs sold online directly to consumers.

Strong margins, retention, and profitability have allowed us to scale as a highly capital-efficient business.

In addition to hundreds of health and wellness influencers who support the brand, our customer base is one of our strongest drivers of growth through referrals.

We launched our Wholesale Partnership Program on the back of efforts to support gym owners during COVID.

Traditional retail remains untapped


We’re currently focused on taking advantage of our direct-to-consumer opportunity.


Unsolicited Interest

From buyers at big box, specialty, and natural grocer retailers.


The ‘hydration’ market alone is a $9.2B+ opportunity

LMNT’s growth is further supported by durable market trends.


We’re salt and science-backed, not sugar-loaded

In a crowded space, we have a differentiated formula and flavor profile: salty, not sugary. Each packet of LMNT contains 1 gram of salt and absolutely no sugar, providing a unique and bold product to the market.

It’s both what’s inside…

…and what isn’t… 

…that makes up our business proposition.

Vision and strategy

Our mission: To restore health through hydration

Our fundraise is focused on bringing in additional investor-allies to make an even bigger splash. We’re honored to have you consider joining us for the journey.

While LMNT will initially target the $9.2B hydration segment, transcending this category is an energy production story. Electrolytes are at the foundation of all cellular, muscular, and neurological functions.

As you reflect on your potential investment, consider that we are a company committed to health. At times what this means is that we might make decisions to support the health of our customers or community over what might be a profit-driven consideration. Some also call this a risk—we see it as the right thing to do, and will continue to be guided by this. We’ve also found it’s good business.


Committed investors

With under $5M raised to date, our funding has focused on bringing on impactful investor-allies to support the business. We have over 700 investors from hall of fame professional athletes, top-tier founders, health leaders and industry leading investors such as ALIVE Ventures, Thrive Market Ventures, Wild Ventures, SHL Capital, Riverside & Incisive Ventures.

Some of our noteworthy investors include…

  • Joe Thomas, 10x NFL Pro Bowler; Likely 1st Ballot Hall of Fame
  • Nate Solder, 2x NFL Super Bowl Champion & Patriots Team Co-Captain
  • Bradley Beal, 3x NBA All-Star, lead the NBA as leading scorer for much of the 2021 season
  • JD Martinez, 3x MLB All-Star; 3x Silver Slugger Award Winner; World Series Champion
  • Aaron Eckblad, #1 overall draft pick; lead the NHL in minutes played
  • Nick Martin, Houston Texas team Captain and former Notre Dame Team Captain.
  • Zack Martin, 6x All-Pro in first 6 NFL seasons, Cowboys Team Captain
  • Henry Akins, legendary BJJ instructor and black belt
  • Barry Nalebuff, Honest Tea co-founder
  • Heidi Brooks, Yale SOM organization and leadership professor
  • Clayton Christopher, CAVU Co-founder, Sweat Leaf Tea founder
  • Sam Corcos & Josh Clemente, Levels Health co-founders
  • Shane Heath and Paul DeJoe, MUD/WTR co-founders
  • Nick Green & Gunnar Lovelace, Thrive Market Co-founders
  • Mike Maser, Co-founder and chairman of Zero Fasting
  • Kevin Olusola, 3x Grammy winning musician
  • Web Smith, founder of 2PM, co-founder of Mizzen+Main 
  • Peter Attia, MD, Longevity MD, leading health podcast
  • Kelly LeVeque, celebrity nutritionist
  • Mark Divine, founder of and SEALFIT
  • Kirk Parsley, MD, Navy SEAL and Medical Doctor
  • David Nurse, performance coach to NBA players
  • Katie Wells, (Wellness Mama) leading mommy blogger
  • Kelly and Juliet Starrett, The Ready State (formerly MobilityWOD)
  • More than 500 of our top customers


Led by committed team with a track record of success

in the nutrition & natural products industry

Experienced operators and industry-leading professionals who have dedicated their careers to the support of health.

Co-founding health leaders

ROBB WOLF, LMNT Co-Founder & Health Leader

A former research biochemist and 2x New York Times bestselling author, Robb has been at the forefront of health innovation for decades. He opened the 1st CrossFit affiliate gym, served on the Navy SEAL resiliency committee for a decade, and is considered a leading authority on ancestral health such as Paleo and keto. Robb has also advised leading health brands such as Thrive Market and Epic Provisions.


LMNT Co-Founder & Podcast Host


LMNT Co-Founder

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